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We like to think there’s a difference between doing work and doing a job. There's also a difference between having a job and having a career. Work implies contributing something of value that’s appreciated by the company who employs you. Using all your skills to their fullest potential and feeling good about it. We call that ‘Positive Energy.’

One of our greatest strengths – and the reason why so many people come to us – is our success rate in matching the right people with the right position at the right company. We make sure you’re a good fit. Because good things happen when you’re in the right place. That’s Positive Energy at Work.

You don’t get one person working for you. You get our entire team.

Most employment agencies work on a commission system. This usually means that individual recruiters tend to keep the candidates to themselves, because they get a bonus when you accept and start your new position. We don’t work that way.

We operate as a team. The person who interviews you will share your unique skills and experience with the rest of our team to match you with other roles that you may be a fit for. Working together as a group makes that happen more efficiently and effectively. For you – and your potential employer.


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