looking for talent?

You don’t need just any employee. You need the right employee.

We like to think there’s a difference between job function and job performance. Functions are task- oriented duties while performance implies contributing something of value. Pro-actively using skill sets to anticipate needs, solve problems and effectively manage workflow. Things that make a positive contribution to your organization. We call that ‘Positive Energy.’

Positive Energy and exceptional work performance.

One of our greatest strengths – and the reason why so many people come to us — is our success rate in matching the right people with the right position at the right company. We make sure employers and employees a good fit, because good things happen when you’ve got talented people in place. That’s Positive Energy at Work.

We deliver consistently because we work differently.

Some agencies specialize in certain industries. Some focus on temporary placements. Others on permanent search. We do all these things and we do them well. Why? Because we work differently.

1. No internal silos creates an effective group dynamic.

Many agencies work on a commission-based basis; individual consultants compete with each other to fill your vacancy quickly and collect their bonus. Our business model is team-based; consultants work together, sharing information and opportunities and collaborating on solutions.

2. Personalized screening helps guarantees performance.

Some agencies ‘screen’ candidates literally – reviewing their resume on a computer screen. We personally interview every candidate to ensure they’re professional and capable. When your candidate arrives, they’ve been pre-interviewed, evaluated and hand-picked for you.

3. Deep database of talent enables swift deployment.

We’ve invested in technology platforms that allow us to capture, cross-reference and call up the right person from over 80,000 candidates. (At last count – the number grows every day.)

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