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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is an excellent HR solution for when you have an ongoing need for talent of a consistent and similar skill set, such as a customer service representative, call center personnel or IT service desk. Additionally, this is an excellent solution when you have a large volume recruitment project that is on a tight deadline for a new product launch, large event or seasonal work.

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We work together with you to outline the recruitment project in full. We implement best practices in talent acquisition, recruitment and selection, through to job offer and execution of all onboarding materials, contracts and supporting documentation.

Recruitment process outsourcing is project based and is an excellent, cost effective and efficient solution to manage ongoing and repetitive recruitment burdens. RPO frees up your internal resources and team to work on other business projects.

Deep Dive on Candidate Profiles

With experience working with some of BC’s biggest employers, including government, on RPO projects, Miles has unrivalled experience in supplying top talent on a regular basis throughout all geographic areas of British Columbia.

In our initial discussions with you, together we build and identify the Candidate Profile required for your role. Our expert team then establishes an RPO Hiring Matrix, including time-lines that are specific to your needs.

We work with you in detail to set the parameters for the recruitment project so that each candidate sent to you matches your internal hiring metrics, skill set benchmarks, specific experience and educational requirements.

Included in the process is all backchecking, referencing, and certification verification as required. Further, as our hiring methodologies work in concert with yours this ensures a positive recruitment exercise and brand protection during the front to back end process.

Benchmarks to Your RPO Success

A successful RPO is a result of excellent collaboration and open dialogue between our team and yours. Our tailor-made recruitment approach framed on your input allows our recruitment team to source your ideal candidates quickly.

Once the project is approved, we get straight to work sourcing candidates. Using our robust marketing strategies, we search locally, regionally and nationally as well as in our extensive database of over 100,000 candidates to source potential talent.

We work within the parameters of the established RPO Hiring Matrix and provide pre-established regular reports on the recruitment project. We manage and provide all hiring documentation including job offers, start dates, required certification documents and educational documentation as needed.  This front end to back end recruitment strategy saves you time and money.

Talent on Demand

Whenever you have a requirement for high volume talent, we’re ready to provide. Having already set the parameters for the recruit and sourced top talent, you can be confident that you will have a stream of great candidates at the right time for you.

Not only does Miles RPO provide you with consistent talent to suit your needs, but the strain and expense of cumbersome, repetitive and time-consuming recruitment tasks is taken away from your team. This allows your team to focus on projects that further your business and allow your organization and team to flourish.

If you think that RPO is the way to go for your organization, then start the conversation with Miles. Our recruitment experts will be happy to discuss your project to determine the best course of action for your organization.

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